April A to Z Challenge – Letter O

Organic Fibers

This post goes along with the Letter G- Great Stuff & Gorilla Glue post as items you can put on top of the great stuff & gorilla glue.  I find it tends to look best if you mix a couple types of fibers together to get a more natural look. Click on the titles to be directed to the item on Amazon for more information!

Organic Potting Soil

potting soil

Peat Moss

peat moss

Forest Moss

forest moss

Sphagnum Moss


Eco Earth Coco Fiber

eco earth

Coco Husk

coco husk

Fir Bark

fir bark

Or you can try the zilla jungle mix which already has a mixture of fir, sphagnum & peat moss in it! zilla jungle mix


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