April A to Z Challenge – Letter P

PVC pipes

Although PVC pipes may not seem like they are a good background material, they can definitely be used.  I always thought it would be cool to make a background out of all different sizes and lengths of PVC pipes put together like:


Once heated, PVC pipes can be bent to any direction you would like.  PVC pipes can be great to make into a tree with roots or an awesome behind the background cave system.

Here are some photos of thaves427’s tree background made from PVC as seen on Photobucket.


b0da0f02-7573-4a9c-a9bd-6b78792ba132_zps800a488f Here is a short video on how to make your own behind your background cave system.  I don’t think I would be able to use this in a tank because I would be worried about not seeing the froggies in a couple days, but with a little modification it could be a pretty cool background or make a good place for plants roots and micro fauna to thrive.  The video shows it used in an aquarium, but the same concept could be applied to a terrarium as well!  Skip to 1:00 minute for directions.

Have you seen any cool tank backgrounds made out of PVC?


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