April A to Z Challenge – Letter R


One of the most natural way to make a rock background is to use real rocks.  Many people have made backgrounds using real rocks and they have turned out awesome!  Careful with real rocks as they do make a very heavy tank background!

Here are some photos of some tanks that utilize real rocks as there background!

10791472925_9c06024152_c106_1791 by nickerson_kevin, on Flickr
10791720343_f464fa10fa_c106_1793 by nickerson_kevin, on Flickr
11042303773_773fae2d31_c106_1821 by nickerson_kevin, on Flickr
 11094938383_9a6997927d_c106_1850 by nickerson_kevin, on Flickr

Here is a build by dendroboard user Cairo11 that utilizes lava rocks!  This would make it not quite as heavy as the previous example.

bg3bg1bg4bg2Have you ever had a tank with real rocks?  How’d it turn out?


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9 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter R

    1. Fun! What kind of frog did you have? I would always try to get my parents to allow me to keep some of the leopard frogs from my cabin as a child but they always went to live in the pond instead.

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