April A to Z Challenge – Letter S


Many people add a little sand into their backgrounds to create a variety and make it more naturalistic.  Sand can also be used on top of grout, silicone or glue to create a rock appearance.  This is pretty self-explanatory so I won’t cover much on this.  Here is an example of using sand to create a rock appearance:

Highfyre – Dendroboard

Here is a full tank shot:

HighFyre – Dendroboard

This tank used sand in between the cracks of the rocks.

Dendro Dave – Dendroboard

Now for something a little different than my typical posts.  I have had a lot of people who have started to visit & share with me that they keep snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, etc.  I will use the background material of sand to explore some desert type vivariums which would not be suitable for frogs.

Here is an example from Good Life Herps of their Gecko tank:


Here is a tank with the sand background started:

My_Shed – Dendroboard

Here is Zach Brinks beardie tank:

ZBrinks – Dendroboard

Now for dendroboard user Arkay’s tank.  This is the real reason that I kept with sand as the background material, because this tank is awesome!  It looks so real!  It was created with foam & great stuff covered in tile cement.  On the second coat of tile cement, it was tinted to get a more natural color.  Covered that in Minwax protective finish and sprinkled tinted sand while wet so it would stick.

Arkay – Dendroboard

Turned out pretty well!

Note: Only use sand in your tank, if your animal can handle it.  Some animals should not have sand in their tank due to chance of impaction.

Do you have any desert terrariums?   What kind of animals do you keep that would like some of these tanks?


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