April A to Z Challenge – Letter U

Universal Rocks Background

Another option for a rock background is to buy a pre-made rock background.  These inserts are made of polyurethane so they are safe to put in the tank. They do sell realistic rocks as well so if you aren’t an artist you can still have very nice, lightweight rocks to add to your background.  Some of their inserts fit the entire tank background and others are just accent pieces.

Dendroboard user Jegger posted some photos of their Universal Panel & starting tank:

Universal Panel
Jegger’s start of tank using Universal Rock Panel

Here is a build by Tom from Dendroboard.  He mixed a universal background with covered great stuff for an awesome tank!

Carola1155 – Dendroboard

Here are some of the products they offer:

02997_1 03015_1 03305_1 Bark-Background Rocky-Wall_1 Vine-BackgroundHere are some photos of a tank by Paul Demas that utilizes Universal Rocks from ReptilesMagazine:

Paul Demas- ReptilesMagazine
Paul Demas- ReptilesMagazine
Long Island Photographer
Paul Demas- ReptilesMagazine

Finally, here is a gecko tank from Southern Geckos:

Southern Geckos – Geckosunlimited.com
Southern Geckos – Geckosunlimited.com
Southern Geckos – Geckosunlimited.com

Universal Rocks also does a lot of zoo builds.  Take a look through the Universal Rocks site and see what they have to offer!

Universal Rocks has a show room located in Garland, Texas.  Have anyone been there?  I have heard it is awesome!


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