April A to Z Challenge – Letter X

I don’t know if you are anything like me, but after a couple tank builds I have two boxes of leftover materials.  Today’s stretch of letter X is for eXtra Materials.

eXtra Materials

In my boxes of leftover materials, I have everything from eggcrate & screen to wood & pre-made great stuff pieces covered in silicone and bark.  These are pieces that I never used or didn’t have room for in my tanks once completed.  This makes planning for the next tank quite easy.

IMG_1997 IMG_1996

DIY Terrarium Tank used all existing materials



On my split tank, I bought barely anything for the tank.  My uncle gave me the tank, hood & light for my birthday and most materials I found in my box of stuff.

img_1078 img_1179It sucks knowing that you have over bought a bunch of materials, but it is better than running out.  I think that the eXtra materials help to tie the tanks together by utilizing similar materials.

What kind of supplies do you have leftover from previous builds?


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7 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter X

    1. Yeah! Each of my tanks are a little different, but utilize similar materials & plants to “tie” them together. I don’t know that everyone likes that, but I am all for it!

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