April A to Z Challenge – Letter Z


Colin C from Dendroboard created a couple awesome tanks using zoopoxy.

This first tank was created with insulation foam siliconed together and carved to look like rocks.  He then covered the rocks with epoxy & watered down acrylic paint.  Turned out pretty cool!

4455339779_9afc9f2543_b 8276294592_1de2605ebf_b

Another tank that he built uses epoxy to create a rocky background.  This turned out pretty well as well. 7048939349_f29ac8baa8_b

10413391323_50f5f913cd_b Dendroboard user Azurel created numerous rocks & backgrounds using the epoxy and they turned out really well!

ff9596b2c32bbd9aa38619fd04561e9b rynedaru yradamed 2be74bd3308c9f7dfde5de533c4944c7 4aa9b6a2e902f2a4bb4699ee3990be71 8u7udanu 075237794d05be0b0ec291fa982f94c9 389654353534c4babd3125af18abc3d4 asajehab b1b596feff3cac0d604b39ec6c33462c ehy3a7e9 f1082b98fe7d79cdc9d77784f7b0149d

Lastly, here are some details from Josh Moore’s builds.  They look so real you wouldn’t even know that it isn’t real wood.

16360399418_3215c1105f_b 15925495414_cd49d0bbd2_b 16674419845_60a0ffdcbd_bSorry for so many pictures, but Zoopoxy is amazing and you can create some really cool stuff with it.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during April’s A to Z Challenge!  Monday will be a recap of the challenge and then I will resume normal posts after that!


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9 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter Z

    1. I have found a couple places that sell both rocks and wood by the pound. Rocks add up really fast! If you are artistic you could definitely make it work with zoopoxy instead!

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