Species Highlight “Atelopus” with pictures

Here is a combined species highlight & Types with pictures for the Atelopus species on this lovely friday afternoon.


This species occurs in the Amazonian lowlands of Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.  These toads are typically found in leaf litter near streams which allow for a slightly drier more airflow area.


These frogs can be found in the leaf litter scampering around.  Females Atelopus’ follow a pattern where they live away from water until they are ready to breed.  They will then travel to the water to breed.  This causes a very high male ratio of about 25-30 males to 1 female.


Size around 1”

Temperature & Humidity:

These toads prefer slightly lower humidity than most darts.  They also don’t like stagnant air.  They also like some basking areas on rocks.


Atelopus loves ants, but will also feed on other small arthropods.


This species is hard to find a female, otherwise they seem to breed rather easily.  Males will call to defend territories and it may escalate to wresting to establish dominance.


According to the IUCN Red List, the Atelopus are a vunerable species.  Their major threats are forest loss due to agriculture, logging and clear cutting.  This species is listed as vunerable due to the projected population decline, estimated at 30% over the next 10 years.


Three varieties of Atelopus


Photo Credit – © Margot Douady

Atelopus Barbotini

Photo Credit – © Tom Friedel

Atelopus Spurrelli

14265073485_38d12cde93_bAtelopus Hoogmoedi

Photo Credit – © Jan Ranson


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