DIY Terrariums Update

I have been getting lots of questions on the DIY Terrarium created on February 12th.  It has now been established for 3 months and is growing in very well!

Here is the original tank:


Here are some updated photos:

IMG_2208 IMG_2210

It is hard to tell how much growth there is but you can see that the plants are almost completely taller than the piece of wood now.

Here are some of the questions I have received along with answers:

– What are the inhabitants?  Is it large enough for them?

The inhabitants are 2 Ranitomeya Imitator “Tarapoto”  these particular frogs are around 6 months old.  The tank itself while only 2 gallons does give these froglets enough room to frolick around.  I would not keep the frogs in a tank this small once they hit maturity, because they have a good possibility of fighting.  Plus it is rather small for a long term solution.

– Is there enough air exchange for them?

I try to open the lid at least once a day.  This is to feed, mist them or just to check-in.  Once a day is more than enough to ventilate the tank for the little frogs.  I have left them for 10 days while on vacation and they were still hopping around when I returned.

– Have you seen any affect on the babies who have been living in this tank?

Like any tank, the frogs will adjust to their surroundings.  This tank sits in the middle of our living room so it gets quite a bit of activity on a daily basis.  The frogs have definitely adjusted accordingly and can be seen hopping from wall to wall while we overlook them.  I was worried that the lid of the jar can be pretty loud while setting it down, but they have also adjusted to that as well.  Some days they barely move from the walls when I open the lid to mist.  I have found myself having to triple check the top of the lid, because they have found a liking to sitting there.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!


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