Tarapoto Photo Shoot

Last night I finally broke down and cleaned out the 3 imitator babies tank.  This gave me a good opportunity to take some photos of them.

It is crazy how much reorganizing some plants & decor affects the feel of the tank.  I have never really been in love with the previous layout, but couldn’t think of anything better.

Here is the original layout:

img_1078Now after reorganizing it last night, I think I like this tank much more.  Of course these occupants will only be in here a month longer and then they will be off to their new homes, but at least it is nicer until then.

Here it is reorganized:

IMG_2249 IMG_2252It feels so much bigger now without that large plant in the front.  Now for some photos of the imitator trio.

Here are some of my favorites:

While cleaning their tank, I heard a noise coming from their temporary tank and found that the frog that looks like he has more of a stripe pattern going on was the male!  he was just singing away with his 2 ladies huddled close.  He was probably trying to ward off the evil person who was taking them.  It worked I put them back in their tank and they quickly hopped around to discover what had changed.

I really love the coloring on these guys and will miss checking in on these guys when they are gone.


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