Shipping Frogs

Monday night I shipped out my first frogs.  3 Imitator Tarapotos.  These guys are the cutest.  1 male & 2 probable females to a guy in Colorado.

I got home from work around 5:20 and started packing the box up & then after dinner I packed up the froggies.  The last Fed-Ex drop off was 7:45pm at the place I was looking to drop them off with a guaranteed delivery of no later than 10:30 am. This gave me plenty of time… or so I thought.

Gathered all my supplies:

shipping materials(Not pictured are the (2) Phase 22 packs that I added as well)

Then I started getting the froggies cups ready.  I ended up with a small piece of sphagnum moss, a small portion of ivy & a philodendron leaf cut up into pieces.  I tested it prior to adding the frogs and nothing really moved in it so that was pretty good.


IMG_2336 IMG_2334

Here are all 3 cups ready to go, minus a small amount of packaging tape to make sure the lids didn’t come off.


Here’s the box before we covered it with more newspaper.  You can almost see the 2 packs- 1 on either side.

Added all of our labels on the box &taped it up and it was ready to go!

box readyWe finally got it to the FedEx ShipCenter location around 7:30pm.  It was perfect timing so they wouldn’t have to sit there very long and will be off to their new home in no time!

Then the waiting game began.  I am not a very good waiter, as my husband will attest.  I think I began checking the tracking update around 5:00am the next morning.  They got to the shipping distribution center in Denver around 7:00am local time.  Around 9am no update, 10am no update, every minute until 11am no update.  At 11am I called SYR and got their “Every line is busy so please leave a message and we will return your call” so then I called FedEx.  The guy was very helpful and was able to locate the package to get it on the next truck leaving to that area.  FINNNNNALLLLYYY it was delivered at 1:11pm.  Longest morning/afternoon of my life.  I had already convinced myself after hearing many horror stories that they were fried froggies in the steamy 85 degree weather in Colorado.  But they made it and survived to tell all their future froglets about the trip!

just arrived

Here are a couple photos that the new owner sent of their new home!

new home1new home   settling inThey look pretty happy!  I am sure they love their new HUGE tank!
I have not yet decided what I am going to do with their now empty *tear* tank.  I have thought about splitting up the 2.2 tarapoto parents into 2 separate tanks or I could leave it as a new set-up for the babies.  Either way this weekend I will probably get to assess the damage & repair it.

What would you do with this empty half a tank?  IMG_2249I had thought about cleaning it out and putting in a new kind, but that seems like a lot of work for a little 1/2 tank.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Shipping Frogs

  1. They’re so cute and tiny! I would have been a nervous wreck too. I probably would have driven them to CO myself! lol I’m no help with suggestions about what to do with your tank, since I don’t know froggy things. I’m a Bearded Dragon girl. Thanks for the post!

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