Amazing Frogs- Camouflage

Things are still pretty crazy around here, but I figured I would keep posting when I get a chance.  Today’s post is going to be Amazing Frogs – Camouflage.  Hopefully this will be a fun find the frog post!

wood frogDid you find it?  I will give you a hint…. it is a wood frog.

wood frog close upThese photos were taken from Rebecca’s Frog Incognito post.  I definitely recommend that you check out her blog.  She hasn’t posted anything too recent, but still has lots of pretty cool posts!

Here is another photo of the wood frog.

(Photo Source)

Here is the next frog:

grey tree frog
(Photo Source)

This frog is a grey tree frog.  It blends in very well with the tree bark.

Here is another easy one:

(Photo source)

Just kidding, that is a coral snake – just seeing if you were paying attention!

Lots of frogs can blend into leaves as well though.

(Photo Source)

Above is a Horned frog.

(Photo Source)

Above are 2 Crested Toads.

Both the Horned frog & the Crested Toads photos were taken by a photographer named Andrew M. Snyder.  I just found his page while looking for photos for this blog post & will definitely be checking back.  Check him out here:

vietnamese mossy frogAbove is the Vietnamese Mossy Frog, photo taken by Bent Tranberg.

(Photo Source)

Here is another photo of the Vietnamese mossy frog because they are just so cute! This photo was taken by photographer Michael Kern from the Gardens of Eden.  He also has lots of awesome photos!  Definitely check him out as well:!/index

Happy Tuesday!


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