Expired Supplements

If you are anything like me, you have enough expired supplement bottles to start your own store.  It is said that everyone should be changing out their supplements every 6 months after opening to keep them fresh, so every 6 months I have another 1/2-3/4 full bottle of supplements to find something to do with.

IMG_2485Those were just the easily accessible jars!  I am sure I have more in my closet.

Currently I have not done anything with them because I feel bad wasting them.  However, it should not see it as “wasting” these supplements by throwing them out, because after all they did their job.

Either way, I have been looking into options for “utilizing” these expired vitamins.  Albeit not for their intended purpose, but at least I would feel like they were used somehow.  Here are some options that I have found:

  1. Use expired Supplements to dust fruit flies prior to starting a new culture to limit the transfer of mites.duster_4
  2. Feed to isopods and/or springtail culturesdsc_1915
  3. Add to fruit fly media as an extra20803
  4. Or lastly, toss them out.  However, seeing that the Repashy Calcium Plus smells good, I would mix it with cat litter or coffee grounds so nothing else gets into it.

coffee_grounds_fertilizerPhoto Credit- GroundtoGround.org

What do you do with your expired vitamins?


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