Tank Maintenance

For weeks I have watched as the plants thrive and slowly take over the tank.  The water level has also been rising and it finally made it up to the top of the eggcrate false bottom.  So Sunday afternoon after being at Germanfest seemed like as good of time as any to clean it all up.  Once I managed to catch all of the 3 leucs and pack them up in a temporary container, I was able to begin.

Here they are all ready for them to let me to let them out… about 5 minutes after placing them in there.   They are not very patient.


Here are some photos of how the tank began.

IMG_2517      Here is the plants that were removed while cleaning it up:


Some of these plants were re-used, but others were just scrapped.

My husband was brave enough to take one for the team and start the suction on the drainage line.  Thanks hunny!


This is my first tank that has a drainage bulkhead built-in so this made it quite easy to drain the tank.

IMG_2507 IMG_2510We also took that opportunity to upgrade the frogs to their own room, now called Frog Room Version 2.0.  This room is a lot better for them and now we have a spare bedroom again!  It feels huge without the tanks in there!

IMG_2553 IMG_2551         Stay tuned for the next post on Frog Room Version 2.0 and the finished version of the upgraded tank!


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