Frog Room Closet

Here is a peak into my frog closet.  This closet is still located in the previous frog room, but it still works!


Top Shelf- Oldest Cultures at top to cut down on smells- Most ready to be emptied.

2nd Shelf from Top- Older Cultures that still can be used.  Box is empty & used to put the cultures in while people are visiting.

3rd Shelf from Top- Newest & freshest cultures.  On the far left, you can see my box of individually wrapped Kleenex’s.  I also have Calcium + and hand sanitizer on this shelf.

3rd to bottom Shelf- Nothing special on this shelf-  Extra Cups & Springtail cultures.

2nd to Bottom Shelf:

Left box- building materials & tadpole cups.

Right box- fruit fly media & excelsior.

Bottom Shelf- Box of Leaves from bluepumilio Follow him on Instagram for lots of awesome deals!

How do you organize your frog room closet??

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