Amazing Frogs- Mating Rituals

Here are a couple of frogs who have unique mating rituals, which set them apart from other frogs.

Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)

During most of the year, both genders are a dull olive-green color.  Like this:


However, during mating season, the males turn bright yellow with bright blue vocal sacs.


Here is a video that shows the blue vocal sacs being used

Kumbara Night Frog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus)

This frog does a unique acrobatic trick during mating.  Initially the frogs begin positioned upright, but after a little bit of time, the frogs then flip to performing a handstand while mating.  Once the eggs are laid, the male then covers the eggs with mud.  Hence the Kumbara in it’s name (Kumbara means potter).

Figure-2a-dThese photos are taken from the Jlr Explore website & they have much more information on these unique night frogs.

Pinocchio Nose Frog

This cute frog inflates his unique “nose” while calling and then it deflates when he stops.  Who knows if that is part of their mating ritual, but he sure is adorable!

MM7441-081122-07479-2This photo was taken by Tim Laman a wildlife photojournalist.  Definitely stop by his page and check him out.  He has lots of awesome photos.

Hope you have a great weekend & Happy Friday!!


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