Species Highlight “Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frog” with pictures

Here is a species highlight with pictures for the Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frog!  If I didn’t hate crickets so much we would probably have something similar.  My husband loves the tree frogs.

Also known as :  Phyllomedusa Tomopterna

Adult Female.
August 1st 2014.

Photo Credit: John P. Clare – Rainforest Junky’s


The Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frog’s geographic range extends from southeast Venezuela to French Guiana, Amazon basin in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia. This species is usually found on trees around pools during the wet season.


The Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frogs, like most tree frogs are a nocturnal frog and can typically be found at night.  These frogs do well in groups.


They range from 1.5″ -3″ in length, with the males being smaller than the females.

Temperature & Humidity:

These frogs like a range of 77-85 degrees F. and humidity of 60-80% and a temperature drop of 5-10 degrees at night.  A nocturnal infrared heat lamp can be used to heat and view the frogs at night.


Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frog will eat a variety of insects. Mainly 1/2 sized crickets, house flies, Hydei fruit flies, roaches, wax worms. Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frogs should be fed at night when the frogs are most active and awake. All food should be dusted every 10 days.


Like other Phyllomedusine frogs, the Super Tiger Monkey Leg Frog lays its eggs on leaves that over hand bodies of water. This species will roll a leaf around the eggs to create a funnel. The process of rolling the leaf around the eggs will help to keep the eggs out of sight of possible predators and help to prevent desiccation. In a week or two, the eggs will begin to hatch and escape through the funnel opening at the bottom.  Clutches can contain around 70 eggs!


According to the ICUN red list, habitat loss has an impact on local populations, but luckily this species is not significantly threatened.

Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frog

Here are some more photos because they are so cute!


Photo Credit : Frog Forum

The monkey frog portion of this species name comes from the way they climb from branch to branch which is similar to a monkey.

SuperTigerleg__59447.1376509592.1280.1280Photo Credit: First Choice Reptiles

Do you have any of these Super Tiger Leg Monkey Frogs in your collection?

Note:  I do not own the right to the photos

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