Rantimeya Imitator Tarapoto Aggression

Day 4 of #30PostsHathSept!

Well Tarapotos consider this your warning…Your days are numbered being together.

Don’t try to use your adorable little faces on me to get me to let you to stay together either.  They won’t work this time.

IMG_2978 IMG_3010 IMG_2771Poll results:

The results from the poll are in and 63% chose to split the breeding 2.2 Tarapotos.  25% chose to save the tank for future offspring and 1 said MORE FROGS!

The Fight

The poll was not the only driver of splitting them up.  Just this morning Steve comes into the bedroom and is like uhhhhh your frogs are being really noisy this morning.  I thought nothing of it and continued on getting ready.  I go over to the tanks and find 2 of the frogs fighting.  They have done this in the past but normally a little misting with water cools them down and they go to opposite sides of the tank.  Today though was a different story, I tried the usual things to split them up like misting & tapping on the glass and to no avail.  They kept at it.  So finally I ran downstairs to my nicely organized frog closet and grabbed the box that had the extra containers in it.  Set-up 4 temporary containers for them and was ready to catch and split them right then and there.  IMG_3059IMG_3060Came back upstairs and set down the containers and they had split.  I was able to find 3 of the 4 so I knew they had been broken up atleast.  So as of now they are still together.

There was a bunch of calling during the fight but I could see 2 of the frogs and they weren’t calling so I am assuming it was either male-female or male-male fight.  After reading about it more it was probably a male-male fight.

So, Enjoy your time together because this weekend we will work on splitting you up.  (Wish me luck)

IMG_2756IMG_2765IMG_2616Hope everyone has a great long weekend!  Come back on Monday to see the second doodle of the Rantomeya Lamasi!

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