Bakhuis Photo Shoot

Happy Tuesday! Today is post # 6 of #30PostshathSept.

This weekend was not as productive as I was hoping and I found out how much of a process this is going to be:

  1. All of my tubing & siphon to empty water out of false bottom was at the in-laws house in boxes
  2. I decided to empty the false bottoms of both halves of the tank prior to splitting the tarapotos
  3. Found out the lid to the split tank was failing so I need to redo it
  4. I redid the lid yesterday and found out today I did not allow enough of a gap between the panes of glass for the glass to fully open so I will need to redo that again.
  5. Once I finally have the water emptied and tanks back in order I can put the frogs back in their respective sides, then I would like to redo the tarapoto tank.  I have never been in this tank, so it could use quite a bit of work.
  6. The last minute house showings have drastically slowed the process, but hopefully we will get an offer soon!

I would like to do all of this as systematically as possible so that I can minimize the amount of time that the frogs are out of their tanks.

I did have the Bakhuis out of their tank yesterday to fix the lid so I snapped a couple of photos.

Frog 1:

IMG_3108  IMG_3113

Frog 1 liked being out of the tank so much, that he wanted to get out! IMG_3119

Frog 2:


Hopefully I will have more progress made tomorrow on switching over the tarapotos.

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