Tincman Herps – Smoothie Media

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Well we had another showing Monday night so I didn’t get anything accomplished with the tank.  However, on Sunday I started my first batch of Tincman Herps smoothie media sample.


The first thing I noticed about this media is that it is very fine, almost powder like.  Upon opening the bag, it smells delicious!  I will be comparing this media with my favorite thus far Saurian.  They both smell similar.  Surprisingly they have very similar directions so it will make life easy.

Here is the Smoothie Media:


Here is Saurian’s Media:IMG_3100

Here is the Smoothie Media with yeast on it:IMG_3104

And the Saurian media:IMG_3105

You can tell the difference between the two due to the color.  These photos are decieving as the Smoothie Media is more of a pinky-red but none the less it is the 2 darker cultures in this stack below:IMG_3106I will keep you posted on how they compare.

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