Tincman Herps Smoothie Media – After 8 days

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Now for a follow-up on Tincman Herps Smoothie media.  I have not taken photos of the cultures everyday, mostly because I didn’t think of doing that until now.  But I have taken sporadic photos at given times to view the differences.

Here are the original photos after I completed the mixes.  (Read more here)

Top- Tincman Herps Smoothie Media

Bottom- Saurian Media

IMG_3104 IMG_3105

Here is the comparison in color between the two.


Here are some photos 6 days in.  Top 2 are Tincman Herps Smoothie media; Bottom 2 are Saurian’s media

IMG_3152 IMG_3151IMG_3154 IMG_3153

It is hard to see, but notice the difference in amount of larvae!  Tincman Herps already had a bunch of larvae as Saurian did not.

Here are some photos this morning after 8 days.  The first 2 photos are of Tincman Herps Smoothie Media & the last 3 are of Saurian’s Media.  Saurian’s media is catching up but Tincman Herps media still has many more.

IMG_3213IMG_3211IMG_3212 IMG_3215 IMG_3214

The only downside right now is that my fly cabinet has been stinkier than usual.  This could also be due to the hotter than average temperature &/or what stage they are at right now.  I did a sniff test and the cultures with Saurian’s media smelt better than Tincman Herps, but that will vary from person to person and could change as the cultures progress.

I will keep you posted on production.

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