Revamped Bakhuis Tank

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Last night I started the multi-step process of splitting my tarapotos up.  A good sign of a productive night is when you still have dirt under your fingernails the next day.

IMG_3265I have now emptied all the water out of the bottom of the Bakhuis tank. The water height was higher than I was expecting so I ended up taking everything out and siphoning out the water and then squeezing the water out of the substrate to mix in with new substrate.  It is definitely still a work in progress, but it is much better and healthier for the frogs without the extra water.

Below is the before photo, taken a couple of months ago:


After all water was emptied and screening was put back over eggcrate with rocks on top of the edges here is what it looked like:

IMG_3225Here are a couple of current photos.  I did remove one of the shelves in the back.  I had just replanted the plants so I will take some more photos after they get re-established.

I spy 2 Bakhuis in the first photo.  Can you find both of them?

IMG_3236 IMG_3243

Here are a couple this morning.  One with a new piece of wood and the other without.  Which do you prefer?  I am not sold on it with or without the wood, but felt it needed something.

IMG_3251 IMG_3259  I hope that this weekend I will have time to finish up the tarapoto tank & drain that as well & then figure out sexes of frogs and start pairing them up so I can split them into 2 tanks!  This is a very daunting task, because I am basically taking apart 3 tanks and redoing them all one after another instead of all at once like my engineer mind thinks I should be doing it.  However,  individually is good to ensure that I can get them done & each frog is back in their tanks in the quickest amount of time.

Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Revamped Bakhuis Tank

  1. Tip to suck out extra water: turkey baster. Some people even put in a standpipe so they don’t have to disturb the substrate at all.

    And I think the wood sticks out like a sore thumb. Try some hardwood driftwood from a fish store?

    1. Yep, we siphoned out the water until it wouldn’t anymore and then I finished it off with a turkey baster! One of my other tanks has a standpipe and that was pretty nice when I drained that a month or two ago.

      Yep that’s where I got the wood from! I just placed it in this morning before work so I am thinking I will place it under the background plants and put some moss on it to see if it will take over like in some of my other tanks.

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