October Instagram Challenge

Calling all you on instagram!  Please join me every day in October to post a photo of your herp!  Use the hashtag #Herpaday and tag us to participate!  This challenge is brought to you by @aapanaro , @s0aplady & @thedartfrogqueen.  Each day we will be choosing our favorite photo and giving that person a shoutout!

OCTOBER CHALLENGE FINAL 2Also, with the permission of the chosen participants I will be showcasing some of our favorites here as well!

It is really that easy!  Be sure to read the prompts ahead of time so you can think of what you would like to submit!  Please share this and get the word out!  We would love to have a huge challenge with lots of photos to choose from!

If you don’t have an instagram account, do not fear.  It is very easy to set-up!  Go to https://instagram.com/ and sign-up!

Today’s post is part of the #30postshathSept challenge, post #13!

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