Frog Tattoo Designs

Seeing it is a Monday morning after a late night, watching the Packers win, here is a fun post on different frog related tattoos.  I am not looking to get a tattoo, but some of the designs are pretty cool!  I have decided that there are a couple different categories of frog related tattoos.  Realistic, Funny/ cartoon & whimsical.

Here are some funny/ cartoon ones:

Frog-Tattoos-3(Image source)

puerto-rican-frog-tattoos(Image Source)

Female-tattoo-frog-of-family(Image Source)

frog_tattoo_12(Image Source)


(Image Source)

Red-and-green-frog-tattoo-design(Image Source)

Here are some realistic ones:

Red-Foot-Frog-Tattoo(Image Source)

nice-frog-tattoo(Image Source)

Frog-Tattoos-15(Image Source)

frog-tattoo-designs-25(Image Source)

frog-tattoo-8(Image Source)

Frog-climbing-up-tattoo-design(Image Source)


Cutting-Frog-Tattoo(Image Source)

e0780ab9e8fc787240c0765e70b988bf(Image Source)

b2632e84c4f4597f469e9d1b8f831966(Image Source) 20c194effa94c508048ffb2dce8d69b6(Image Source)

Here are some more whimsical ones:  frog-dragonfly(Image Source)

tribal-tree-frog-tattoo-for-family-body(Image Source) tribal_frog_4376196412148(Image Source)

(Image Source)

2a7a07191fec2d0bd736216ba52cd9de(Image Source)


(Image Source)

Today’s post is part of the #30postshathSept challenge, post #14!

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