Yearly Maintenance Cost for tanks

I thought it might be helpful to new hobbyist’s to see what my expenses are for my 3 tanks that I have.  Here are all of the expenses that I can think of:

Note: This is not including set-ups, costs of frogs or any of the first time expenses such as original fruit fly cultures, cups, springtails, etc.

Take a peek here for my set-up’s.

Electric (will vary based on your electric rate)-

(4) 13 W bulbs (I know the LED is less than a 13W bulb but did not actually measure it)


Each 13W bulb uses .013kW / hr * 4 = 0.052kw/h * 12 hours (length of light cycle) =0.624 kWh/ day * 365 days= 227.76kWh

WeEnergies (my electric provider) charges $.13110/ kWh

Total yearly added cost for electrical = 227.76kWh * $.13110 = $29.86 / year

Water (will vary based on water rate)-

91Io7ibjTDL._SL1500_(Monsoon Mister is what I use)

After looking at my water usage, I am going to assume 1 gallon per month for misting, cleaning glass & making cultures.

12 gallons of water = 0.0160416667 ccf (cubic feet is how the utility measures the water)

Utilities Fees:

Water= $1.97/ ccf * 0.0160416667 ccf = $0.0314/ 3 months

MMSD sewer treat = $1.37/ ccf * 0.0160416667 ccf = $0.0220/ 3 months

City sewer = $1.38/ccf * 0.0160416667 ccf = $0.0221/ 3 months

Total of all fees = $0.0755 / 3 months * 4

Grand Total =$0.302 / year

** actual water usage may increase depending on mister settings


$19/6 months = $38/year

($9 for calcium + & $10 for vitamin A)

Total = $38/year

FF Media:

based on Saurian media –

$25 for 40 cultures that will last me 10 rounds of making fruit flies.  I typically make 4 cultures at a time and average 1.5 times per month.

So 40 cultures will last me around 6 months.

$50 / year + $20 to allow myself two times a year to quick run to petco/petsmart and pick up some extra flies

Total= $70/ year

Grand Total for 1 year = $138.17 for 3 tanks (1) 10 gallon, (1) 30 gallon tank & (1) 35 gallon tank

This is a good starting point.  There is added cost for any plants or extra frogs you buy.

Today’s post is part of the #30postshathSept challenge, post #15!

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