Fruit Flies – Day 16

Today is day 16.  Both medias have been through their first big boom.  Tincman Herp’s Smoothie media did produce earlier, however it has been stated that could be due to the higher water content from the beginning.  However, now that they have both boomed, it is very hard to tell the difference.

Here have been the others if you have missed them:

Starting out

Day 8

Amount of Produced Flies

IMG_3340They both have had a similar amount of produced flies.

The larvae in Tincman Herp’s media seemed to prefer a side of the cup and climbed high (probably due to humidity) and the larvae in Saurian’s media surrounded the outside of the cup for an even distribution on each side.


I do prefer the smell of Saurian’s media.  I can’t put my finger on why I don’t like the smoothie media smell, but it is a little too natural for my taste.  Luckily they can only be smelt when your taking flies out or are very close to the lid.


I will need to give these more time to see if they both have a similar second boom.

Second Test:


I have also started another batch to make sure that these findings are the same as well, but so far I am pretty impressed.  I have also took great care this morning to make sure that all cups had a similar consistency so that the humidity should not be a factor this time around.

Today’s post is part of the #30postshathSept challenge, post #17!

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