October Instagram Challenge – Day 1

Don’t worry!  I will NOT be doing a daily update for the challenge.  However, I will be posting some of my favorites from the previous week.  In this case it is just day 1.

I am so surprised with how many people are planning on participating.  Looks like there was 40 Tiny Herp entries yesterday!  I am also surprised with the variety of animals that people have!  Here are some of my favorites that highlight the variety!  20 people shared the original photo so hopefully we will continue to increase the amount of photos for each day!

OCTOBER CHALLENGE FINAL 2  Here was my photo for Tiny Herps:

Sorry in advance!  Some browsers may take longer to load these photos than others.

Frogs & Toads

#tinyherps #herpaday

A post shared by Jackson~ The Reptile Guy (@king_reptibian) on


Throwback to this little guy. #herpaday

A post shared by Parker James Lloyd (@thesassyteapot) on



Fire bellied Newts



Even Snails!

Here is a link to where you can see all the photos for the challenge! https://instagram.com/explore/tags/herpaday/

Look here for more information and how to join!

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