Leuc v2.0 doodle

First of all, last week was great!  I reached

25,000 views on the blog!!!!

I also hit a couple more milestones!

“The Frog Lady” on Facebook has received 300 likes and aapanaro on Instagram has reached 200 followers!

Check out aapanaro  on Instagram to see the latest doodle in works!

Thanks everyone!  You guys are great!

Now for a little change that I have made in regards to my doodles.  I have added the pdf’s onto my dropbox account so it should be easier to download.  Let me know if you have any issues.

Doodle Downloads!

milk frogAmazon Milk Frog PDF download – available shortly

Lamasi Doodle

Lamasi PDF download

leucLeuc V1 PDF download

tinc jpegTinc PDF download

And now for the latest Leuc Version 2.0 doodle!  I think it is my favorite one so far.

leuc v2.0Leuc V2 PDF download

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