New Frogs!

Sorry for the delay, but I have been very busy as of late!  I have some very exciting news!

First of all, Octobers HerpADay Instagram’s contest has come to an end.  We had an awesome turn out and got over 950 posts!  It was really cool to see all the variety of herp photos that we received.  Click HERE to see all the submitted posts!

My exciting news is that I have finally finished making all of the changes to my split tank.  I have changed out the substrate and cleaned all plants.  The plants have been going crazy for the last 6+ months without any occupants to trample them.

Here are some before photos:


Here are some photos of it all put back together.

IMG_3867 IMG_3870 IMG_3872

And here is the whole split tank:


I have also changed from my original plan of splitting the 2.2 of Tarapotos and have instead decided to redo their tank over the winter and put some new occupants in the split tank 😀  AND they arrived yesterday!  So here are a couple photos of them.  I haven’t seen much of them as they are still getting adjusted, but they are adorable.  I received a probable pair of Dendrobates “Auratus” Camouflage from a friend in Florida as part of a raffle!

IMG_3961 IMG_3963IMG_3965 IMG_3985

They both turned and put their butts toward the new tank when I set their cups down.

IMG_3967 IMG_3979  IMG_3987  IMG_3990Stay tuned for a gecko doodle, fruit fly series & featured websites posts which are in the works!

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