ASU Chytrid Study

Hey Everyone!

My friend Evan is a PhD candidate at ASU.  He is currently studying the Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd or Chytrid for short) disease which affects many amphibians.  They have started a crowdfunding project in order to get funding to test preserved museum specimens for chytrid at ASU to test for chytrid.  They are looking for a link between the BD found in Mexico in the 1970’s and earlier BD found in Illinois and California.


They are looking to figure out how the disease spread in the past to help them predict how it will spread in the current environment and hopefully help to prevent future extinctions.  This is a lofty goal and they only need $6000, most of which will be spent on chemicals & equipment to test the ASU museum collection for chytrid.

Here is their video they made to summarize their plan:

After a couple of days they are already 24% funded so please check out their crowdfunding campaign and donate as much or as little as you have available, as it will all be greatly appreciated.

I especially encourage those of you in the Phoenix or surrounding areas to donate $500 to be a part of their fieldwork team and find Arizona amphibians.

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