10 Gallon Vert tank

Hey Everyone!

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!  I took off a little early on the 25th to get a head start on renovating my 10 gallon vert. tank!

Here are some before photos:

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It was very packed full of pothos so it was hard to mist & maintain the tank without the worry of frogs hopping out.


Here are some photos of the process:

All live pothos removed and all substrate gone!  I found this lovely wood in the tank, along with a bromeliad which was clinging to life!


Here are before of the sides of the tanks!  Spray painted black!


Test fitting of plants:

Steve was AWESOME and removed all the spray paint off of the outside of the tank! IMG_4313.JPG

I then went through the existing substrate to salvage any bugs & hydroballs that I could!  It took me quite awhile.

Here is the almost final planting:



The frogs loveeeee that brom in the front left.  All four of them sleep in it at night.  So cute. IMG_4361.JPG

Here is the final planting.  Notice the tadpole in the cup ontop of the tank!


Here are some photos of the tarapotos enjoying their new tank:



They must like the new set-up because after being gone for the long weekend I came home to find:


We shall see if they are viable or not, but exciting none the less!


Hope the Tarapoto’s like it as much as I do!  I am very happy with how it turned out!

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2 thoughts on “10 Gallon Vert tank

    1. Nope! When I bought the tank around 4 years ago it had the sides spray painted black. So Steve scraped all the paint off this weekend, in hopes that it would seem bigger and boy did it work!! The tank now seems huge!

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