Frog Photoshoot

This morning while feeding I found that most of the frogs were out and about so I decided to do a mini photoshoot.  I ended up taking over 100 photos in just under 30 minutes, granted most of them didn’t turn out but here are some of my favorites:



Let me preface these photos by saying that the tank is extremely overgrown and the glass is very dirty so it was hard to get a good photo of these guys.



Imitator “Tarapoto”:

I think I am getting the hang of taking photos of these guys with my phone.  Recently I have found myself capturing quite a few pretty cool pictures, granted most of that is these guys being awesome.


Above is a photo taken of the melanistic Tarapoto vs the normal tarapoto.



I love how beautiful these guys are!







I was not able to get any photos of these guys this morning.  These frogs are still in hiding.  Anyone have any tips/ ideas on what could be wrong.  I know that these Camo Auratus are in their nature more shy, but I haven’t seen them out and about in about a week.   I do know that they like to hide against the glass on one side and have seen poop scattered throughout so I know they are moving and still alive, but geez.  I have had them for a month and a week so they still may be adjusting.


Here are some previous photos of these guys to show how cool they are!


here’s their tank ( photo is about  two weeks old)IMG_4264

Out takes:

Foggy Glass-IMG_4567.JPG

Too Close-


Too Fast ( or me too slow)-



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