Christmas Photoshoot

Hey All-

I had a couple of posts planned for December, but December really got away from me and I didn’t post nearly as much as I wanted to.  I hope that with January will come a much needed routine that will get me back on track.    I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and got some much deserved rest & relaxation.  I am excited for all the days off at the end of December/ beginning of January.  I took off Christmas Eve, NY Eve & Jan 7,8 & 11th so with the paid Holiday’s it makes for a bunch of short weeks which should be really nice.  It will give me some time to catch up on some projects around the house before we list it again in February.


I find that as I get older, I need less things.  This allows me to ask for frog related things that I don’t really neeeeedd but are nice to have.  But before I reveal some of the Christmas Goodies, here are some photos I took this long holiday weekend.


Above is Scooter, my husbands family cat.


Above are Benny (on left) and Frisky (on right).  Benny was a stray that was brought into the house around 6 years ago.  Frisky is my childhood cat who is 17 years old!


I love to wrap presents so I love Christmas time 🙂



(This is where they like to hide if they are not above the log, then under)




She is so fast and pretty.








Imitator Tarapotos:



I received lots of fun stuff for Christmas.  Due to the amount of photos I took last night, I will be posting Wednesday with all of my Christmas Goodies!

Definitely take a moment to peek around the website, as I have been gradually updating the about me and other sections of my site!  I will be updating the My Collection page soon with some updated photos and even some individual frog shots!

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