New Year’s Resolutions

Before we look ahead, I would like to take a moment to look back to all that has happened in 2015.


Previous Goals for 2015

  • Better citing of sources – DONE – I feel like this has become second nature
  • Increase Thefroglady’s facebook page likes to 200 likes – DONE – It now has over 300 likes!
  • Increase number of views to 20,000 views total – DONE – over 28,000 views total!
  • Get on regular dusting schedule – DONE – now dusting every time with Repashy Calcium + and once a month with Repashy Vitamin A
  • Get on regular culture schedule – NOT DONE– I always seem to be really busy the week that the culture booms and then put off creating the new cultures.
  • Let go of baby froglets- DONE– I did sell 3 of my previous froglets & have a possible sale for 1 of the 2 second batch of froglets.  I am not planning on selling the melanistic frog because hes just so cute.
  • Create new grow-out tanks – DONE– I did create a grow-out tank & it doubles as a centerpiece.  It looks awesome.
  • Create bigger and better display tank for frogs – Sorta done– I have made the existing tanks better.  I have not increased the size at all but they are 10x better than they were before so I will consider that a win.
  • Get together all of the sources & dates acquired for my frogs – DONE!– It took a little searching but I have found and documented them all!

 Top 10 posts for 2015

  1. Paludarium for Poison Dart Frogs
  2. DIY Terrariums
  3. 7 reasons everyone should buy a BioPod
  4. Hobbyist Feature – Chris Luce
  5. Types of Dendrobates “Auratus” with Pictures
  6. Amazing Frogs – Toxicity Edition
  7. Types of Dendrobates “Tinctorius” with Pictures
  8. 5 things you never knew you needed for your tank
  9. Inspirational Big Builds
  10. 6 types of feeder insects

Looking ahead to 2016:

Here are some things that I am hoping for 2016.

  • Look into selling doodles/wall art
  • Increase Facebook likes to 600
  • Increase Instagram followers to 500
  • Get on regular culture creation schedule
  • Work on Quality of Photos
  • Start series on Women with Frogs!


Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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