Amphibian & Reptile Blogs

Here are some blogs that I think you may like.  I have listed them alphabetically.


Amphibian Adventures

amphibian adventures.jpg

I love the frogs in this blog.  Her photos are so beautiful!  I love to look at her blog to get my daily dose of tree frogs.  This way I can look at how adorable they are without actually owning them 🙂


Amphibian Rescue

amphibian rescue.jpg

This is a really cool blog that features frogs rescued from Panama as a last ditched effort to breed the frogs in a captive environment without disease.  They have many types of Harlequin frogs


Backwater Reptiles Blog

backwater reptiles.jpg

This blog has lots of good information on a variety of animals from frogs to chameleons to snakes.


Cool Amphibians

cool amphibians.jpg


This blog has lots of photos of different types of frogs!  It is hard to figure out the last time it was updated, but I think the photos are still pretty cool!


Featured Creature

featured creature.jpg

This blog was created by Carly who is a public relations specialist who has taken on the task of changing opinions of animals.  She highlights all different animals.  Definitely go check it out!


Frog Blog Manchester

frog blog manchester.jpg

This blog is the blog for Herpetologist and Amphibian Conservationist Andrew Gray and his collegues.  They work for The Manchester Museum, which is part of The University of Manchester, England.  This blog is fun to follow along with as they work with many amphibians and reptiles and many different causes.


Patch of Dirt


I did give you the link to his page for the Mantellas, however he does have more than just Mantella’s in his collection.  He also posts on gardening which are equally as cool.

Twenty Two 12 Reptiles


Although this blog is mostly on reptiles, it has a lot of good information.  If you are looking for information on reptiles here is a good place to start!


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