Keeping Documentation & Records

COLLECTION 2016.jpgI think that keeping accurate records is a large part of being a responsible hobbyist.  I started my excel spreadsheet with all frogs last year.  I wanted to get this established prior to forgetting everything or adding to my collection and making it more complex.

I have added the following categories to my excel list:


-Acquired From

-Date Acquired

-Age Acquired


– Line

-Qty / Proven/ Probable

-Price Paid/ Sold


Keeping accurate records serves many purposes, but I have started in order to:

  • know & be able to share the lineage of each group of frogs bought
  • know the age of each group of frogs at any given time
  • keep track of amount of froglets and compare to years past
  • notice any trends within my collection


Here is what my records look like.  I have whited out prices paid & last name of people bought from as I don’t feel that is necessary for this exercise.  Anyone who buys a frog from me will be given full access to this information so they can start/keep their own records.



What do your records look like?  I encourage each one of you to take a couple minutes to look through your records and see how much information you have at your fingertips.


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