Motivational Friday

Well it is one day before the weekend.  Steve and I are getting ready to sell our house again.  We are looking at listing it again on February 8th.  This means that it is starting to get to crunch time.  We need the house in its prime, ready to sell by February 2nd.  This will allow time for final artwork to be hung and the realtor to give us her final punchlist of things to do prior to the photos.

Working backwards from Feb. 2nd, we have 2 weekends left to make this happen and we are busy all day Jan. 30th.  So we really only have a weekend and a half to get the final preparations done.

How does this relate at all to frogs you ask?  Well as part of my final list of things to do, I have to clean the frog tanks to have them back to their shiny ready to show- don’t disgust everyone who walks through the door – self.  Here are their starting points.  I have taken these photos last night and this morning:


This is the first thing you see when you walk through the door- YIKES. IMG_5789


Other side of the tank-


Turns out the cute little bromeliads liked all of the pothos killing them off… so when I removed that they died, but oh well I have some new bigger ones!


This tank is in a massive need of a trimming.  IMG_5804

How the tanks should look by the end of this weekend


Previous Room Photos:


These were taken prior to listing our house in the fall so this is where I am hoping and expecting they will be at by the end of this weekend.  This will allow for a quick wipe down of the fronts prior to showings and open houses.  I am hoping that the house will sell so quick that I don’t have to worry about another trimming day to keep the tanks looking nice.

How bad are your tanks looking?   This weekend is the day that I will be motivated and get the tanks clean!


Comment below with your plans for the weekend and if you have any cleaning planned!


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