Trimming & Cleaning Tank

I finally got around to cleaning the tanks yesterday afternoon.  They look awesome!  Now I just have to hope they stay relatively clean for the next 2 months.


Here are some photos:

Split Bakhuis & Auratus Before:


Split Bakhuis & Auratus After:



The Bakhuis on the left didn’t mind the cleaning at all.  In fact, they never left their piece of wood to hide.



The frogs I was most worried about was the Auratus, because they are already shy, however they didn’t seem to mind either!  I fed all the frogs when I was done and the Auratus came out to eat, which made me very happy to see.  I have never cleaned their tank before so I was not sure how they would react.



Tarapoto Tank:

I never actually took an after photo of this tank individually, because it wasn’t nearly as dirty as the others.  I can assure you that the tarapotos didnt mind me cleaning their tank either as these two never left the back wall.



Leuc Tank Before:


Leuc Tank After:


I love how this tank turned out.  I may have trimmed the creeping fig back a little far, but it will definitely grow out again.  It was around 3″ thick at the back.


I took the leucs out of the tank due to the extensiveness of this project and once I put them back and gave them some food they were loving to explore the tank.




Here is a frog room shot!



In other news, my tadpole is coloring up pretty nice & looks like it will have its front legs soon!



Let me know what you think of the tanks in the comments below!


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