Every tank deserves a Fittonia

I love this plant.  There are so many varieties and each looks awesome in a tank.

This plant is very hardy, it can withstand my leucs and tincs without being trampled!  It will grow very easy and doesn’t take much work.  The only negative to this plant that I have found so far is that if you don’t trim them back they will get a bit leggy, as seen in the back of this photo.


However if you keep them trimmed you can have a nice little baby bush of fittonia.



I have this plant in all of my tanks.  I absolutely love how easy it is to propagate it.  Take a leaf and set it on some moist soil in the tank and it will grow its own roots and start a new plant.  That’s it!


Here is a photo of the fittonia taking over my leuc tank prior to trimming.  IMG_5821

I cut majority of this fittonia out of the leuc tank in hopes that it will grow back healthier than ever.


Seeing we are moving soon and will be having open houses I didn’t have room for a full grow-out tank like I have done previously.  So I had to improvise and make a portable grow out bag.  We will see if it works!  This is literally just a ziploc bag with dirt at the bottom, mine also has isopods, but that was just the remainder of the tank I took apart.  I set the fittonia clippings on the top and set it on the floor in a spot that gets light from the tanks.


This would be a very easy way to grow plants without needing the space for a tank!  It is also easy enough for me to set it in a closet or drawer during open houses and then bring it back out the next morning.


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