Native Frogs to USA- Tailed Frogs? (Part 3)

Today is the third post in the series of frogs native to the US.  Part 1 was on American Toads.  Check it out here!  Part 2 was on Cricket Frogs.  Check it out here!

Today’s post we will see the tailed frogs.

Ascaphus Montanus  – Rocky Mountain tailed frog

Image from Wikimedia Commons


Description-  Frogs are typically either gray or brown with gray, brown or yellow splotches.  The Rocky Mountain tailed frog is unique as it has no external ear drum and it has a “tail” which the male frog will use during reproduction.  This “tail” ensures successful fertilization in the fast-flowing stream habitat they reside in.  Tadpoles in turn have a unique adaptation as well for the fast moving streams.  The tadpoles possess large sucking mouth parts which are used to hang onto rocks to prevent from being swept downstream.


Frogs can be found in and along small cold mountain streams.  Eggs are laid during late summer and tadpoles can take 1-4 years to metamorphose, depending on water temperature.  Males do not vocalize, it has been thought that this was due to females not being able to hear them over the rushing water.  These frogs   .(1) (2) (3)

Ascaphus truei  – Coastal tailed frog



Image from Conservation Fund – Brome McCreary


Description-  This frog varies in color and typically matches the rocks around the stream inhabited,  usually olive, brown, gray or reddish with gray or yellow blotching.  The coastal tailed frog males also have a tail which aids in fertilization of the eggs.  In order to avoid predators, the coastal tailed frog will jump into the water and tuck in their limbs to allow the water to carry them downstream quickly.

The coastal tailed frogs, like the Rocky Mountain tailed frogs, inhabit cold, clear rocky streams in wet forests.
According to the Conservation Fund, the coastal tailed frog is one of the world’s most primitive frog species, dating back to even before dinosaurs!  That is pretty cool!  These frogs have been said to live between 15-20 years which is a very long time for a frog!   (1) (2) (3)



Have you seen any of these tailed frogs where you live?  Leave a comment & where you live if you have!


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7 thoughts on “Native Frogs to USA- Tailed Frogs? (Part 3)

  1. I never see frogs where I live, but recently a lizard has taken to living on our front porch. My wife is terrified of it, but I enjoy looking at the little critter when it comes out to bask in the sunlight.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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