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I feel like I am writing this from a warm beach.  It is supposed to be 50 today so it is already warm and there is a nice breeze.  However, I am still in WI, hopefully the warm temps will allow all the snow to melt!  Now for today’s topic.  I always like to look at some of the search terms that allow people to end up at my page.  Due to Googles privacy settings, most of the search items come in as Unknown search terms, however when I can see them, some of them have been pretty funny.

Most Popular Searches:

The Frog Lady

Many people have searched for “The Frog Lady” or some variation!  This is awesome that I have people actually searching for my blog, however I have an easier way for you!  Subscribe by email for an email with every new post! Or like “The Frog Lady” on facebook!  Either way will be easier than searching google everytime you want to read my posts! 🙂



My most searched post is the post on paludariums.  I will have to update it at some point however if you have not read it I recommend you take a look!  Here it is!


Now for the funny searches!

Dart frogs Swimming

These are what I picture:





Frog & Monkey

Maybe they were looking for this photo by National Geographic of a monkey and frog:


or did they want a picture like this:


Photo by Worth1000.com

FrogLady Books

I actually do not have any books yet, but maybe someday I will start some books.  I do get this question often.

Frog Drysuit Lady

Turns out this is an actual thing!


Frog Dive Merchandise

Hope you enjoyed the random post for Friday!

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3 thoughts on “Popular Searches

  1. I haven’t looked at my search words and phrases in a while. I think I’ll do that to see what people are looking for when they find my blog.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. How Funny. I recently learned about frogs in a yoga anatomy class. Very interesting creatures — Thanks for sharing.

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