Native Frogs to USA- Red-Legged Frog (Part 4)

Today is the fourth post in the series of frogs native to the US.  I have decided to raise some awareness of some awesome species that the US has due to the overwhelming amount of frogs from other countries that I have been featuring lately.

Part 1 was on American Toads!  Check it out here!  Part 2 was on Cricket Frogs.  Check it out here! Part 3 was on Tailed Frogs.  Check it out here! And today’s post is on the Red-Legged Frogs!

Rana aurora – Northern Red-Legged Frog

red legged frog


Image from Flickr User Alan Wolf

Size-Males-  2.5″-3.25″   Females- 3.5″-4″

Description-  These frogs are red to brownish coloring & can sometimes be found with black splotches and flecks of colors.  The Northern Red Legged frog produces a call underwater which requires the female to be close to the calling male in order to hear it.  When grabbed by predators, such as a garter snake, the Northern Red Legged frog will release a loud and startling scream.

northern red legged frog range.jpg

Image from ICUN Redlist

These frogs are typically found in humid forests, woodlands, grasslands and streamsides.  They will breed in any permanent water sources such as lakes, ponds, slow streams and marshes.    (1) (2) (3)

Rana draytonii – California Red-Legged Frog

ca red legged frog.jpg

Image from Flickr User kqedquest


Description-  The back of the frog is brown, grey, olive or a reddish color with black flecks and dark blotches.  Both the Northern red-legged frog & the California red-legged frog look similar.

ca red legged frog range.jpg
 This frog is found almost exclusively in the state of California!  It can be found in slow-moving or standing ponds, and streams.
As of 2015, the California red legged frog is California’s state amphibian which allows the frog to be protected at both a state and federal level.  The US Fish and Wildlife service as announced 1,600,000 acres of protected land throughout CA as a critical habitat for the species.
The California red-legged frog is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCNredList and Threatened by the Endangered Species Act.  These classifications are mainly due to habitat loss and destruction, however the invasive American bullfrog is through to be eating many of the California red-legged frogs.(1) (2) (3)



Have you seen any of these red legged frogs where you live?  Leave a comment & where you live if you have!


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