Home-Made Media

Well all last week I procrastinated on making some new fly cultures due to having to wash old cups first.  Finally got to Friday afternoon and I needed to make cultures prior to a busy weekend.  I brought out the media and to my surprise it was literally almost gone.  I scrounged and was able to make 2 cultures when I normally have been making 6.

I had two choices at this point.  Try making my own media or buying new media with expedited shipping.  I have been thinking about trying my own media mix for months now but honestly never have actually done it.  I guess there is no time like the present to start making my own!



After quickly stumbling upon many recipes I settled with:

-1 cup powdered potato flakes

-1/4 cup powdered sugar

-splash of vinegar

I then added water until it was a consistency that I liked & I then sprinkled active dry yeast & cinnamon on top  & mashed in excelsior.  This recipe was mainly decided upon because this one I had everything I needed at home and ready to go.

Left: HomeMade Media

Right: Saurian Media



It looked good on the day I made it at least.  I will have to update with how it performs.  I have ordered some more Saurian mix and will start a new round of cultures tonight!


Do you have any home made fruit fly media recipes you like?


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3 thoughts on “Home-Made Media

  1. I also make 6 cultures every week. I experimented years ago, and this is what I came up with! Microwave 3-4 bananas, 2-3 minutes. Add about equal amount applesauce, and a splash of apple cider (or regular) vinegar. Add 2-3 T brewers yeast. Add oatmeal til you get the right consistency. Put into cups, put a pinch of cooking yeast in each cup. Add excelsior, etc (I use Easter grass), then flies.

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