Shipping Frogs – Round 2

Well I sent out my extra male tarapoto last night.  I am sure that my melanistic tarapoto is missing his long time buddy, but it was time that he enjoy the company of a lady. Here is one last photo of them together.


Here is a photo of him in is container ready to ship.  His new name is Thanos.


In the box!

IMG_6617.JPGI dropped him off at 6:30pm and he arrived happy and healthy this morning at 9:05am (local time).


Here are some photos of him meeting his new lady friend:


Photo by Bob Mann


Photo by Bob Mann


Photo by Bob Mann

Looks like they love hanging out already and he loves his new tank!


Here is a photo of the latest tarapoto baby that I have gotten.  He is soooo adorable.  I love the bright blue legs on these guys.


Hope you enjoy all the photos!

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