Busy Busy!

Lately we have not had a dull moment in our house.  Earlier this week I shipped off another tarapoto (read more here) so I am down to my 2.2 in the main tank, 1 melanistic hold back, 1 in a grow-out tank and 2 tadpoles.  This is definitely the most that I have had at once so it is an exciting and busy time at the froglady’s frog room.


Hopefully you are enjoying only hearing from me once a week, because I have a lot of stuff in the works.  But in typical fashion, I haven’t finished any of them.  We are set to close on our house 4/1.  This means we have a lot to do.  We have most of the unessential things already packed from our decluttering phase, so that helps, but we are always finding more things to pack.  We still haven’t found a house that we have fallen in love with so we will be moving not just once, but TWICE.


One big milestone (for me) was that I reached 500+ followers on facebook this week.  What a great week indeed!


Here are some photos taken this week.  Enjoy!


baby tarapoto only a couple weeks out of water


Saurian mix on the left & Homemade media on the right

  • Surprisingly enough I really like how the homemade media smells.  I was expecting for it to smell very gross, but it is actually pleasant!


1 Male tarapoto from my 2.2 main tank


signs of spring!!


I hate when it is justttt out of focus


Tarapoto tank is growing in!  They love running around!

Hope you have a great weekend!




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