NCAA March Madness Bracket 2016

Today’s post does not have to deal with frogs, although I did contemplate involving them in some way, but I have been busy at work and home so I did not have time.

Who has the most creative way for picking their teams?

Here’s some ways I am contemplating this year:

  • Best Vacation Spot (always a crowd pleaser)


  • Best Logos


  • Good ole coin flip








  • jersey/ team colors

  • have a pet pick for you

  • Mascot Fight (which mascot would win in a fight)

index.png vsRudy+Flyer+mo_S3ly50o1m.jpg

of course the Rudy flyer would win, he would just eat the orange!

I think I will decide upon which Mascot will win in a fight for this year’s bracket picks!


How do you pick your bracket?


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