My Beloved Frisky

This past Sunday I lost my childhood cat.  Frisky was 19 years old.  I realize this was a long life for him and he definitely had a good one, but I will still miss him very much.  I named him Frisky because as a kitten he looked just like the Friskies cat on the commercials.


I am so glad that I got to spend time with him the past two weekends while house sitting for my parents.  I also got to spoil him with canned Fancy Feast and no dog so he got lots of petting, brushing and attention.


He may not have always looked happy, actually he has always had a grumpy old man kind of attitude.


He lovedddddd oreos, frosting and treats so he was definitely was my kitty!


He also got quite aggressive for food or in this case, my water.  (yes those are my frog pjs)


He also liked to curl up with Benny or in between my stuffed animals.


Here is my favorite photo of Frisky and Benny taken around Christmas:


The photo below sums up my husband and Frisky’s relationship.  Frisky loved men’s laps,  I am not sure why.  However, Steve is allergic to cats and I am pretty sure Frisky knew that and would still get as close as humanly possible.


Frisky loved to sleep with his tail curled around his body so that it would be up near his nose.  These last two photos was taken around 9am the morning he died.




Frisky was a good kitty and will definitely be missed.

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12 thoughts on “My Beloved Frisky

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Frisky was a beautiful cat! I’m sure your heart is breaking. What a wonderful gift that you got to spend those last two weekends with him! That was a true blessing.
    Wonderful tribute post to him. Thank you for sharing. I hope he gets to meet my greyhounds up there on the other side of that famed Rainbow Bridge…

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks he really was a pretty cat. I think he enjoyed the past two weekends as well. I don’t know that he would get along with greyhounds, but I am sure they are all up there frolicking even with his old man attitude.

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