Temporary Frog Room

I have so much to share with you today!


This past weekend we finally moved all of our junk out of our old house!  We are all set to close on our old house as of Friday so that will be good to have that done.

Here is a photo of the frog room as of a week ago:


Here it was last Friday morning.


Moving time:



Temporary Home … Sorry Kristen!!



Scooter discovered them right away and the Bakhuis & Luecs are large enough that he could easily see them.  We shall see how this goes 🙂


I will post individual photos of the frogs later this week.

Remember April A to Z Challenge starts Friday!!  This will be taking over my posts for the entire month of April so all other semi-weekly posts will be suspended until May!  The theme will be Frogs based on their latin species name.  Check out my theme reveal Here!


Hope you all follow along by email or like The Frog Lady on facebook to follow the A-Z Challenge.  It will be a lot of fun and you might learn a thing or two about some awesome frogs!


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7 thoughts on “Temporary Frog Room

  1. Hello Frog Lady. Saw the title of your blog on the list and hopped over. I am waiting for America to wake up as we’re starting to think sleep over here in Australia and I’m about to finalise B for tomorrow. We’re rather fond of frogs in our family, although I haven’t seen any locally. My in-laws live near Byron Bay and for about 10 years they had Freddie a Green Tree Frog on their kitchen window most nights. It was a great source of bugs. They also had loads of smaller frogs over the window. When you drive through the roads up there at night, especially when it’s wet you see frogs hopping about everywhere. I just love it. Only trouble is there are also loads of poisonous cane toads. I must admit we run over these if we can. That might sound bad but they are bad news.
    I am writing Letters to Dead POets for my theme and I launched off today with AA Milne.
    xx Rowena

      1. They are dreadful things! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts although I’m not sure how I’m going to be navigating my way back and forwards. I guess, it will all take on a life of it’s own. xx Rowena

      2. I’ve been thinking about that too. Usually I check out posts as I go through my comments. I am also pretty bogged down with these dead poets. Some are pretty straight forward but in the last week, I’ve re-read “Winnie the Pooh” and “Alice in Wonderland”. I’m pleased I did because it’s made a huge difference and I loved reading them and picked up so much as an adult. It has been years!
        Take care xx Rowena

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