A is for…Breviceps adspersus

Today is the first day of the April A to Z Challenge.  I have been waiting for this day since sign-ups began on Jan. 25th.  If you missed the introduction to the April A to Z Challenge you can read about it here.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!


Breviceps adspersus -Bushveld Rain Frog

This frog brings a new meaning to the meaning of adorable.  As babies the frogs are very tiny; as adults their size will range from 1.5″ to 2 1/4″.  The proportions of their legs to their body makes them look comical.


Due to their short legs & rounded body, this makes it hard to mate.  The females secrete a glue-like substance so the male literally sticks to her, together they lay eggs in a chamber in the ground.  The chamber can be over a foot deep!  The male is then stuck to the female until the glue breaks down and the male is able to leave.


If attacked, the Bushveld Rain Frog will inflate its body to intimidate predators and seem larger than it actually is.  It’s hard to look at them inflated without smiling because they look awfully ridiculous!



Stay tuned for Saturday’s ‘B’ Post!


(1) Fascinating Africa  (2) Real Monstrosities

Image Sources:

(1) Bernard DUPONT Flickr  (2) Real Monstrosities


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49 thoughts on “A is for…Breviceps adspersus

  1. I adore frogs, and was so sad when absolutely every single one disappeared from our ponds. Each March used to be constant croaking song, now nothing. I’ve tried to re-introduce those native to this area, but so far no luck. Your pictures made me want to try again.

    1. Wow! It is very sad to see the frogs disappearing. Where are you located? I know they have been slowly disappearing from my grandparents cottage in northern wisconsin. How were you re-introducing them?

  2. Once I opened my front door and a frog jumped in. I think all the neighbors heard me screaming. It went into one of my closesst and I waited until my son came home so that he could catch it and release it outside. I don’t know why something so little scares me…lol On another note, I really enjoy learning all about frogs from your blog!

    1. haha! Glad he could get it out of the house. Most frogs are pretty harmless but I am surprised by the number of people who have said they are scared of frogs. Glad someone is learning, I am enjoying writing them!

  3. They’re so cute. We have quite a selection of frogs in our area, though I have no idea how to classify them 🙂 When it rains, they conduct a wonderful symphony…
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to move to an area where I can hear a symphony of rain! Normally the rain causes my frogs in my tanks to go crazy so I still get the symphony.

  4. That’s a great frog tail. I agree with you about how ridiculous it looks all puffed up. It reminded me of a job interview I went to once. The interviewer was quite a short woman and I am tall btu when we sat down she had her chair such that she instantly grew a foot. I immediately knew that was trouble!!
    Hope you’re having a great day. Frog weather here this morning with a very heavy downpour.
    xx Rowena

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