C is for…Theloderma corticale

Today is the third day of April’s A to Z Challenge.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!  See the introduction here.


Theloderma corticale -Vietnamese Mossy Frog

These frogs are native to rivers and streams of northern Vietnam – their odd texture allows them to disappear into their habitats.


The female mossy frogs can grow up to 3.5″ long.  They use the sticky discs at the end of each toe for climbing trees.  Their large eyes give them a great range of vision.


I mean how adorable are those eyes.  The mossy frog is a semi-aquatic species which spends most of its time hiding in the water under rocks and plants, but it can be found attached to a rock or climbing trees.


This shows how much they blend into the moss surroundings.  When the Vietnamese Mossy Frog feels threatened it will roll up into a ball and play dead.  This fools the predator into thinking they are a small mossy pebble or piece of rock.  These frogs are protected by the Vietnamese government as clear cutting has reduced the habitat for these species.

  Hope you enjoyed Letter C.  Stay tuned for letter D!



(1) Wild Facts(2) Adventure Aquarium  (3) Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Image Sources:

(1) Mark D. Scherz  (2) Adventure Insider(3) Flickr user Jason Wesley Upton


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34 thoughts on “C is for…Theloderma corticale

  1. Wow, this is my first time coming to your blog, but I’m already amazed. I am blind so can’t see your pictures, but I love your description of this frog. If you’re going to discuss the poison dart frog, I’d like to note that I’m amazed by the way they get their poison.

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